Thursday, September 9, 2010


Just like the glorious northern star you guided me
Shining a light of pure tranquility

To a secret place where no-one else could go
Free to reveal the things I never show
Somewhere to love somewhere to breathe

Somewhere to call my sanctuary

A sanctuary can be define as the following: a place where sacred objects are kept, a refuge - shelter from danger or hardship, or an area around the altar of a church. To most people, only the first two definitions would have something of meaning to them. Many of us find sanctuaries within people, within places, within objects, and within memories. They are the things that make reality that much easier to live in. They are the things that we turn to when there doesn't seem to be much hope. They are the things that we find comfort in. And they are the things that we fight for.

But does a sanctuary exist for everyone? Does everyone have the same luxury of having someone to turn to, having comfort food, being able to confide in someone, or just have something warm to hold on to when everything else seems to be going wrong.

For those fortunate enough, many of our sanctuaries exist in the most obscure places - amongst food, friends, family, photos, memories, or places. Comfort food is just a ridiculous example of this. But on a more serious note, many of us have friends we all trust, all confide in, who are always there and make you feel like everything is actually is worth it. They are the people who you would actually go out of your way for. Whilst at times there may be tension between you and them, it is quite often just an overnight thing. But in times of hardship and need, and when you need them most, you can always count on them. Some friends, whilst they may not be as accountable, can often give you the warmth you need, without them consciously knowing it. They make you feel comfortable when you're around them, they make you smile, and they make everything else at the time insignificant.

Family is also one of the biggest supports an individual can come across. Whilst their constant care and concern they have for you may come across as frustrating at times, without them, what differentiates our family from others. The love they have for us is beyond what anyone else can ever give. Appreciate those around you, appreciate the home they provide, the warm and safe place that you know you can always go home to with welcoming arms and a lovely meal. Family members to age and do become older, and they eventually leave us, so appreciate the ones around you, and support what they do like they would to you.

Photos, memories, and places. They all remind us of a time that we find significant, something of importance, but how do they become part of ones sanctuary? We often find ourselves beaten down by the ruthlessness reality brings to us. And we often find it a lot harder to get back up, when we're already on the ground. It is these memories that we hold on to, that give us hope, that give us something to believe in, and that give us an escape from the harsh reality into a place where we once found comfort, safety and warmth by reliving such memories.

So what does your sanctuary provide you? Besides the whole idea of safety, warmth, protection and so on? I find it to be a place where you can forget all your troubles. A place where it is quite easy for you to smile. A care-free place, without worry. Somewhere for you to delve deep into and just lose yourself, whilst maintaining that sense of security.

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