Monday, March 21, 2011


So this blog is a draft I found lying around for a few months as I gave up on it. Thought I may as well share what scraps of thoughts I had attempted to compile together before I post something new hence the short length and lack of picture.

So looking at this blog I see that posts have been diminishing as the months progress. I asked myself why. And I feel as though I have been lacking the motivation and ideas for blogging as such, which in turn, stimulated the idea of "inspiration" for this post. As with all other posts, they are all inspired by something, and that something, used to be a lot about someone. We all find inspiration in different things, whether it be a goal, a person, a thing.

As defined, inspiration is the arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity. We all need inspiration to make things work, to get new ideas, and to progress, add colour, and to make something out of our lives. Without inspiration, many people often lack the capacity and innovation for something new and exciting.

Different people find inspiration through different things; goals, people, things, memories, experiences, songs, atmosphere, and this can be done so in many different ways. For the rest of this post, the focus is shifted upon the inspiration in which people give people.

People find inspiration in others throughout different means, and, not all inspiration may necessarily positive of bright and happy. Learning from mistakes can be inspiration in itself, and the actions that others do can inspire you to be the person you are.