Thursday, December 2, 2010


Many memories and experiences stick to you. They do not go away. They are not forgotten, and you are constantly reminded of them. These stigmas often dampen our day, and result in the withdrawn reservations that we all have. They act as stains in our clothes that we cannot wash off. Like a sauce stain on a shirt, we a constantly reminded of it. Every sauce stain has its story: where you got the stain, how you got the stain, what the stain is, how how you tried to get rid of the stain.

Well, just like sauce stains on shirts, each stigma in our life also comes with a story and baggage. Such reminders and objects which can be associated with a place can often remind us of such stigmas. Whether this be a particular place, a particular person, a particular sound, a particular thing and so on. We all try to avoid such reminders as we often do not want to remember such things. Instead, we want to suppress them, forget about them.

But stigmas, like stains, do not disappear, they are always there. These are the memories that a not as extreme as traumatic, but are severe enought to hurt you, to change you, and to shape you into a different preson than who you were in the first plac.e These memories are constantly there for us to face.

We can't avoid such stigmas, or hope that they disappear. We just have to learn to deal with them. Learn to accept them. Acknowledge that they are there and have a influence on our current state of mind and the decisions we make. But like with any old shirt with a sauce stain, just one day, maybe you will finally get a new shirt and get it replaced. :)
another sauce stain on my white t-shirt.
walked across a red light and then i got fined.
but i will never see the world in gray.
it happens everyday, but that's okay.