Saturday, October 16, 2010

end of an era.

so i know that i said i'd be on temporary hiatus until after exams, but here's one i wanted to blog about.

so my high school days are finally over. now there's only exams left, and then this chapter of my life will be well and truly done.

so six years is quite a long time, but as we look back to reflect upon it, words just cannot explain how fast time has flown by, and words just simply cannot explain the roller coaster of emotions felt as these final days came to a close.

over six years, friendships have been made, friendships have been broken. many successes have been achieved, whilst many failures have also come and gone. six years is a long time and many things have happened. but what is sad now is some of your friends, you will most likely never keep in touch with again. as each individuals life and pathway diverges from one another, there really isn't an opportunity for that close bond and relationship ever again. whilst technology does allow us to keep in touch, it just isn't the same. driving past the school today was also pretty sad. whilst exams are still happening there, the fact that there are no more classes just really hits you and the fact that it is all actually over.

so whilst i can talk a lot more about what actually happened i cbs.

although many people at times wish they could go back and experience it all over again, whilst also wishing for it to be over already etc. i don't. it is nice to go back and relive it all, and it is a pain to go through the stress and all of that. i wouldn't want to go through it all again, just because of the fact that this is just one chapter of the life i have ahead of me. i do appreciate it and love all the people and experiences i've had. but it just wouldn't be as unique and special if i were to experience it again. it's over now, and just holding onto such memories and people suffices.

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  1. Totally know what you're talking about there. Hope you don't go too emo about graduating :) Your life is only just about to start. Keep the chin up :)