Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Caring for the ones you love. Caring for those around you. Caring for your friends. We all care about someone, but to what extent should we care to?

When you care and ask questions, some say you're annoying. When you care and try to be there, some say you're fake. When you care and nothing happens, it feels like you're not appreciated. So why is it, at times, not only does caring get you nowhere, but you also get hurt in the process.

So how do we care? To the ones we love, we care by asking questions, by talking to them, by being there, by listening, by being the shoulder to cry on, and just by doing what we can to see them smile and be happy. It really isn't that hard to care for someone. What is hard, is caring for someone, without them acknowledging it. Why can't people be more appreciative.

We don't ask many questions to be annoying. We just want to see how your day is. We don't constantly talk to you to be in your face. We just want someone close to share stories with. We don't. And at times, we don't ignore you because we don't care. We just want to give you space.

Caring is something that is unconditional. There is not equivalent exchange for it. We care, because we want to, because we love them. It is often frustrating when people expect there to be a hidden agenda when we care. It is just as frustrating when they think that we expect something in return. There isn't anything in return people expect from the ones they care about, there is no expectation to.

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  1. Can you honestly say that you've never expected something from someone you care? You need to wake up to the fact that we are all human with wants and needs. We are all selfish at times. It's how we survive in a sane mentality. Your level of expectation increases with the level of care you have for someone. You can not generalize people who care. They have their own reasons for caring, and their own circumstances which allows them to either expect or long for a reciprocated level of love and care. It's even more biased when one is in love.