Monday, November 22, 2010

time and change.

As time goes on people change, and yet we are all still faced with the same demons, the same dramas.

The only difference is, we tackle them head-on differently each time. Time and time again, we learn from our mistakes, we try to improve the outcome, and the people around us we want to protect change.

Confrontation of such issues change over time. When we are young there isn't such a thing as humility or shame. We do things care-freely regardless of the consequences, and as a result, we tend to ignore such issues. We become oblivious to the truth, and if we are aware of such ongoings, there is always that rock, that special someone, that we are dependent upon.

As we grow older, we try to do things our own way. We try to stand on our own two feet, and step away from the stability that has walked hand in hand with us for all these years. We try to do things that best suit ourselves, things that are most beneficial for ourselves - a more selfish, dog eat dog approach.

But as we age even more, we learn to approach things not just purely for ourselves, but for the ones we love and the ones we care about too. Your priorities change.


  1. that photo looks familiar *squints*

  2. wow i really like this post (: thanks ian made my night haha